Erotic Pieces

This is to be a collection of sensual, very erotic work.  It is intended for commercial use and portfolio publication.


This collection will involve small groups of two or three men and women, in any combination, and will focus close-up images of body parts as they interact intimately.  I guess it would be fair to say that this collection focuses on foreplay, one small area of the body at a time.


I have many images in mind.  Nudity is not required for all of them - but it is for most.  Some of the images will require some level of sexual interaction between the models. 


Of all the projects I have in mind, this is the one where some images may jump past the "X" rating.  However, again, I am not doing this just to create another skin book;  I have specific images in mind which, when placed together, will tell the story of human sensuality.