Life Styles

This is (again) a complicated project, which involves unmasking and unclothing all the different lifestyles that I might bump into.  It goes far beyond just being straight or gay.


This could get very erotic in the sense that it may look at fetish lifestyles - piercings, tattoos, leather, etc.  But it could also be said that extremely religious people have lifestyle;  so how do they get undressed?  Do they wear Calvin, or Jockey?  There's all kinds of stuff out there.


This category comes closest to photojournalism as anything I've got in mind.  To be done right, I can't just dress up a model to appear like a priest;  I need a priest who'll pose with his robe open.


These images are not focused on sex or sexuality - just on the simple fact that we're all the same beneath the robes and leather.  I don't have a specific message to give;  I'll find people willing to pose, and let the photos do the talking.