While I have few inhibitions, I'm not truly a nudist.  (I usually keep my clothes on during the photography - though I may not be able to for this collection...)  However, I am a firm believer that there is no shame in our naked bodies, and no guilt that can be assigned to any act that is natural to our bodies or our lives.  I'm past the point in my life where I'll debate this with anyone.


True nudists are at ease in their own skin; you can tell this immediately and it shows in the photography they do.  While it may be difficult to get other models to pose nude, it is more difficult to get a nudist to put their clothes back on. 


I am interested in photographing nudist (M/F) individuals, couples and groups.  This is intended to be a non-sexual, non-erotic collection (though I recognize that nudists 'do it' too.)  The point is that the photos are to be taken in a nudist environment where being naked is not associated to sex.


The difficulty... It is not my intent to just take tourist-like photos of naked people!  You've seen my work on this site, and what I want is to keep here is to keep the style intact while capturing the kind of free and innocent, non-sexual nudism that only a true nudist can feel. 


This category overlaps with the lifestyle category, but I wish to keep it separated as it is a longer-term project.  I will be pursuing this one in 2007.