Self Erotica

I've worked with lots of models who are very comfortable pulling off their clothes and letting me take photos of just about anything I wanted to.  Even so, what's hardest to get from them is the pose and expression and the mood that comes when they are focused entirely upon themselves - and not me or the camera.


This is not intended to be a masturbation series - though it may have some of that.  Some images may not be erotic at all to some viewers.  But it is intended to capture the way we all are in our private moments, when we're alone and just enjoying the simple pleasures we can give ourselves.


At first glance it seems like I'd have hide in closets for candid photos, but I don't think that will be  true.  Some models will be able to do this;  others I may capture as candid moments. 


Again, this is likely to be a long-term project, but I want it started in 2007.